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  • ruefulness — rueful ► ADJECTIVE ▪ expressing regret, especially in a wry or humorous way. DERIVATIVES ruefully adverb ruefulness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • Ruefulness — Rueful Rue ful, a. 1. Causing one to rue or lament; woeful; mournful; sorrowful. [1913 Webster] 2. Expressing sorrow. Rueful faces. Dryden. [1913 Webster] Two rueful figures, with long black cloaks. Sir W. Scott. [1913 Webster] {Rue ful*ly}, adv …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ruefulness — noun see rueful …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ruefulness — noun The property of being rueful …   Wiktionary

  • ruefulness — rue·ful·ness || ruːfÊŠlnɪs n. mournfulness, regretfulness, remorsefulness; pitiableness, deplorableness …   English contemporary dictionary

  • ruefulness — rue·ful·ness …   English syllables

  • ruefulness — noun sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment he drank to drown his sorrows he wrote a note expressing his regret to his rue, the error cost him the game • Syn: ↑sorrow, ↑regret, ↑rue • Derivationally related form …   Useful english dictionary

  • (s)ker-4, (s)kerǝ-, (s)krē- —     (s)ker 4, (s)kerǝ , (s)krē     English meaning: to cut     Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schneiden”     Material: I. A. O.Ind. ava , apa skara “Exkremente (Ausscheidung)”; kr̥ṇüti, kr̥ṇōti “verletzt, slays “ (lex.), utkīrṇ a “ausgeschnitten,… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • rueful — adjective Date: 13th century 1. exciting pity or sympathy ; pitiable < rueful squalid poverty…by every wayside John Morley > 2. mournful, regretful < troubled her with a rueful disquiet W. M. Thackeray > • ruefully adverb • ruefulness …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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