See precipitately.

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  • precipitate — I. verb ( tated; tating) Etymology: Latin praecipitatus, past participle of praecipitare, from praecipit , praeceps Date: 1528 transitive verb 1. a. to throw violently ; hurl < the quandaries into which the releas …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • precipitate — precipitately, adv. precipitateness, n. precipitative, adj. precipitator, n. v. /pri sip i tayt /; adj., n. /pri sip i tit, tayt /, v., precipitated, precipitating, adj., n. v.t. 1. to hasten the occurrence of; bri …   Universalium

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  • precipitate — verb (precipitated, precipitating) –verb (t) /prəˈsɪpəteɪt / (say pruh sipuhtayt) 1. to hasten the occurrence of; bring about in haste or suddenly: to precipitate a quarrel. 2. Chemistry to separate (a substance) in solid form from a solution, as …  

  • precipitate — [prē sip′ə tāt΄, prisip′ə tāt΄; ] for adj. [ & ] n. [, prē sip′ə tit, pri sip′ətit, prē sip′ ə tāt΄, pri sip′ətāt΄] vt. precipitated, precipitating [< L praecipitatus, pp. of praecipitare < praeceps: see PRECIPICE] 1. to throw headlong;… …   English World dictionary

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