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  • pannonian — I. pəˈnōnēən adjective Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: Latin pannonius Pannonian (from Pannonia) + English an : of or relating to Pannonia, a Roman province in what is now western Hungary, northern Yugoslavia, and eastern Austria, bounded… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pannonian Croatia — ( hr. Panonska Hrvatska) or Savia, Southern Pannonia, Lower Pannonia, Principality of Southern Pannonia, Transsavian Croatia or just Pannonia was a medieval Croatian duchy from the 7th to the 10th century located in the Pannonian Plain… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Plain — The Pannonian Plain is a large plain in Central Europe that remained when the Pliocene Pannonian Sea dried out. It is a geomorphological subsystem of the Alps Himalaya system.The river Danube divides the plain roughly in half. The plain consists… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Sea — The Pannonian Sea was a shallow ancient sea located in the area today known as the Pannonian Plain in Central Europe. The Pannonian Sea existed during the Pliocene, when three to four kilometres of marine sediments were deposited in the Pannonian …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Basin — The Pannonian Basin or Carpathian Basin is a large basin in Central Europe. The basin forms a topographically discrete unit set in the European landscape, surrounded by imposing geographic boundaries that have created a fairly unified cultural… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Rusyn language — Infobox Language name=Pannonian Rusyn nativename=Руски язик Ruski yazik familycolor=Indo European states=Serbia, Croatia speakers=20,000 approx. rank=official regional language fam1=Indo European fam2=Balto Slavic fam3=Slavic fam4=West Slavic… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Rusyns — Ethnic group group=Rusyns in Pannonia poptime=20,000 approx. popplace=Serbia: 15,626 (2002 census) Croatia: 2,337 (2001 census) note: some Rusyns in Pannonia also declare themselves as Ukrainians langs=Rusyn|rels=Predominantly Eastern Rite… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian Island Mountains — The Pannonian Island Mountains (Serbian: Panonske ostrvske planine , Панонске острвске планине) is a name for mountains located in the southern Pannonian Plain, in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Pannonian Island Mountains include Fruška Gora… …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian basin before the Hungarians — This article discusses the known pre history and early history of the area corresponding to modern day Hungary, and the peoples associated with this area. For the prehistory of the Hungarian people, see Hungarian prehistory. For an account of the …   Wikipedia

  • Pannonian — 1. adjective Of or pertaining to Pannonia. 2. noun A native or inhabitant of Pannonia …   Wiktionary

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