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  • myoclonic — adjective Of or pertaining to myoclonus; consisting of or characterized by sudden jerking motions. Propofol has been implicated in epileptogenesis, with myoclonic activity and opisthotonos during clinical use, prompting a warning from the United… …   Wiktionary

  • myoclonic — Showing myoclonus. * * * myo·clon·ic klän ik adj of, relating to, characterized by, or being myoclonus <myoclonic seizures> …   Medical dictionary

  • Myoclonic astatic epilepsy — Myoclonic astatic epilepsy, also known as Doose syndrome, is a generalized idiopathic epilepsy. Generalized means that it affects both hemispheres of the brain. Idiopathic means the reason for the seizures is unknown and is most likely hereditary …   Wikipedia

  • Myoclonic epilepsy — Classification and external resources MeSH D004831 Myoclonic epilepsy refers to a family of epilepsies which present with myoclonus. They are divided into two main families: progressive myoclonic epilepsy juvenil …   Wikipedia

  • myoclonic epilepsy — n : epilepsy marked by myoclonic seizures: as a) juvenile myoclonic epilepsy b) lafora disease * * * myoclonus epilepsy any of a group of disorders, of varying etiologies, in which seizures (epilepsy) are accompanied by muscle contractions… …   Medical dictionary

  • Myoclonic dystonia — Classification and external resources OMIM 159900 DiseasesDB 31321 Myoclonic distonia or Myoclonus dystonia syndrome is a rare syndrome having sever …   Wikipedia

  • Myoclonic triangle — The myoclonic triangle (also known by its eponym Triangle of Guillain Mollaret) is an important feedback circuit of the brainstem and deep cerebellar nuclei which is responsible for modulating spinal cord motor activity. The circuit is thus… …   Wikipedia

  • Myoclonic twitch — A rapid, involuntary muscle contraction, particularly near the eye. Myoclonic tics resemble, and may be mistaken for, tics. Like tics, they tend to occur more often when the person is under stress; unlike tics, they are not preceded by any… …   Medical dictionary

  • myoclonic dystonia — myoclonus dystonia dystonia with multifocal myoclonic jerks, generally of the proximal muscles; it may be accompanied by psychiatric disorders. It is genetically heterogeneous, most often caused by mutation in the SGCE gene (locus: 7q21), which… …   Medical dictionary

  • myoclonic — adjective see myoclonus …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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