Poets laureate of the United States

Poets laureate of the United States

Poets laureate of the United States
Joseph Auslander (Auslander, Joseph) 1937–411
Allen Tate (Tate, Allen) 1943–44
Robert Penn Warren (Warren, Robert Penn) 1944–45
Louise Bogan (Bogan, Louise) 1945–46
Karl Shapiro (Shapiro, Karl) 1946–47
Robert Lowell (Lowell, Robert, Jr.) 1947–48
Léonie Adams (Adams, Léonie) 1948–49
Elizabeth Bishop (Bishop, Elizabeth) 1949–50
Conrad Aiken (Aiken, Conrad) 1950–522
William Carlos Williams (Williams, William Carlos) —3
Randall Jarrell (Jarrell, Randall) 1956–58
Robert Frost (Frost, Robert) 1958–59
Richard Eberhart (Eberhart, Richard) 1959–61
Louis Untermeyer (Untermeyer, Louis) 1961–63
Howard Nemerov (Nemerov, Howard) 1963–64
Reed Whittemore (Whittemore, Reed) 1964–65
Stephen Spender (Spender, Sir Stephen) 1965–66
James Dickey (Dickey, James) 1966–68
William Jay Smith (Smith, William Jay) 1968–70
William Stafford (Stafford, William) 1970–71
Josephine Jacobsen (Jacobsen, Josephine) 1971–73
Daniel Hoffman (Hoffman, Daniel) 1973–74
Stanley Kunitz (Kunitz, Stanley) 1974–76
Robert Hayden (Hayden, Robert) 1976–78
William Meredith (Meredith, William) 1978–80
Maxine Kumin (Kumin, Maxine) 1981–82
Anthony Hecht (Hecht, Anthony) 1982–84
Robert Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald, Robert) 1984–854
Reed Whittemore (Whittemore, Reed) 1984–855
Gwendolyn Brooks (Brooks, Gwendolyn) 1985–86
Robert Penn Warren (Warren, Robert Penn) 1986–876
Richard Wilbur (Wilbur, Richard) 1987–88
Howard Nemerov (Nemerov, Howard) 1988–90
Mark Strand (Strand, Mark) 1990–91
Joseph Brodsky (Brodsky, Joseph) 1991–92
Mona Van Duyn (Van Duyn, Mona) 1992–93
Rita Dove (Dove, Rita) 1993–95
Robert Hass (Hass, Robert) 1995–97
Robert Pinsky (Pinsky, Robert) 1997–20007
Rita Dove (Dove, Rita), Louise Glück (Glück, Louise), and W.S. Merwin (Merwin, W.S.) 1999–20008
Stanley Kunitz (Kunitz, Stanley) 2000–01
Billy Collins 2001–03
Louise Glück (Glück, Louise) 2003–04
Ted Kooser (Kooser, Ted) 2004–06
Donald Hall (Hall, Donald) 2006–07
Charles Simic (Simic, Charles) 2007–08
Kay Ryan 2008–
1Auslander's term was not fixed.
2Aiken was the first to serve two consecutive terms.
3Williams was appointed in 1952, but he did not serve.
4Fitzgerald was ailing when he was appointed. He served in a limited capacity and did not go to the Library of Congress.
5Whittemore was interim consultant in poetry.
6Warren was the first to be designated Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry.
7Pinsky was the first to serve three consecutive terms.
8Dove, Glück, and Merwin were special bicentennial consultants.
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