World badminton championships

World badminton championships

World badminton championships
year men's singles women's singles
1977 F. Delfs (Den.) L. Köppen (Den.)
1980 R. Hartono (Indon.) W. Verawaty (Indon.)
1983 I. Sugiarto (Indon.) Li Lingwei (China)
1985 Han Jian (China) Han Aiping (China)
1987 Yang Yang (China) Han Aiping (China)
1989 Yang Yang (China) Li Lingwei (China)
1991 Zhao Jianhua (China) Tang Jiuhong (China)
1993 J. Suprianto (Indon.) S. Susanti (Indon.)
1995 H. Arbi (Indon.) Ye Zhaoying (China)
1997 P. Rasmussen (Den.) Ye Zhaoying (China)
1999 Sun Jun (China) C. Martin (Den.)
2001 Hendrawan (Indon.) Gong Ruina (China)
2003 Xia Xuanze (China) Zhang Ning (China)
2005 T. Hidayat (Indon.) Xie Xingfang (China)
2006 Lin Dan (China) Xie Xingfang (China)
2007 Lin Dan (China) Zhu Lin (China)
year men's doubles women's doubles
1977 T. Tjun, J. Wahjudi (Indon.) Toganu E., Ueno E. (Japan)
1980 A. Chandra, C. Hadinata (Indon.) N. Perry, J. Webster (U.K.)
1983 S. Fladberg, J. Helledie (Den.) Lin Ying, Wu Dixi (China)
1985 Park Joo Bong, Kim Moon Soo (S.Kor.) Han Aiping, Li Lingwei (China)
1987 Li Yongbo, Tian Hinghi (China) Lin Ying, Guan Weizhen (China)
1989 Li Yongbo, Tian Bingyi (China) Lin Ying, Guan Weizhen (China)
1991 Park Joo Bong, Kim Moon Soo (S.Kor.) Guan Weizhen, Nong Qunhua (China)
1993 R. Subagja, R. Gunawan (Indon.) Nong Qunhua, Zhou Lei (China)
1995 R. Subagja, R. Mainaky (Indon.) Gil Young Ah, Jang Hye Ock (S.Kor.)
1997 B. Sigit, C. Wijaya (Indon.) Ge Fei, Gu Jun (China)
1999 Kim Dong Moon, Ha Tae Kwon (S.Kor.) Ge Fei, Gu Jun (China)
2001 T. Gunawan, H. Haryanto (Indon.) Gao Ling, Huang Sui (China)
2003 L. Paaske, J. Rasmussen (Den.) Gao Ling, Huang Sui (China)
2005 H. Bach, T. Gunawan (U.S.) Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen (China)
2006 Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng (China) Gao Ling, Huang Sui (China)
2007 M. Kido, H. Setiawan (Indon.) Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen (China)
year mixed doubles
1977 S. Skovgaard, L. Koppen (Den.)
1980 C. Hadinata, I. Wiguno (Indon.)
1983 T. Kihlstöm, N. Perry (Swed., Eng.)
1985 P. Bong, Y. Hee (S.Kor.)
1987 W. Pengren, S. Fangjing (China)
1989 P. Bong, C. Hee (S.Kor.)
1991 P. Bong, C. Hee (S.Kor.)
1993 T. Lund, M.C. Bengtsson (Den., Swed.)
1995 T. Lund, M. Thomsen (Den.)
1997 L. Yong, G. Fei (China)
1999 K. Moon, R. Min (S.Kor.)
2001 Zhang Jun, Gao Ling (China)
2003 Kim Dong Moon, Ra Kyung Min (S.Kor.)
2005 N. Widianto, L. Natsir (Indon.)
2006 N. Robertson, G. Emms (Eng.)
2007 N. Widianto, L. Natsir (Indon.)
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