America's Cup Table

America's Cup Table

America's Cup
year winning yacht owner/team name skipper losing yacht owner/team name
1851 America (U.S.) J.C. Stevens R. Brown Aurora (U.K.) LeMarchant-Thomas
1870 Magic (U.S.) F. Osgood A. Comstock Cambria (U.K.) J. Ashbury
1871 Columbia (U.S.)
Sappho (U.S.) F. Osgood
W.P. Douglas N. Comstock
S. Greenwood Livonia (U.K.) J. Ashbury
1876 Madeleine (U.S.) J.S. Dickerson J. Williams Countess of Dufferin (Can.) C. Gifford and syndicate
1881 Mischief (U.S.) J.R. Busk N. Clock Atalanta (Can.) A. Cuthbert
1885 Puritan (U.S.) J.M. Forbes,
C.J. Paine
and syndicate A. Crocker Genesta (U.K.) Sir R. Sutton
1886 Mayflower (U.S.) C.J. Paine M.V.B. Stone Galatea (U.K.) W. Henn
1887 Volunteer (U.S.) C.J. Paine H.C. Haff Thistle (U.K.) J. Bell and syndicate
1893 Vigilant (U.S.) C.O. Iselin and syndicate W. Hansen Valkyrie II (U.K.) Lord Dunraven
1895 Defender (U.S.) W.K. Vanderbilt,
C.O. Iselin,
E.D. Morgan H.C. Haff Valkyrie III (U.K.) Lord Dunraven,
Lord Lonsdale,
Lord Wolverton,
H. McCalmont
1899 Columbia (U.S.) J.P. Morgan,
C.O. Iselin,
E.D. Morgan C. Barr Shamrock (U.K.) Sir T. Lipton
1901 Columbia (U.S.) J.P. Morgan,
E.D. Morgan C. Barr Shamrock II (U.K.) Sir T. Lipton
1903 Reliance (U.S.) C.O. Iselin and syndicate C. Barr Shamrock III (U.K.) Sir T. Lipton
1920 Resolute (U.S.) H. Walters and syndicate C.F. Adams II Shamrock IV (U.K.) Sir T. Lipton
1930 Enterprise (U.S.) W. Aldrich and syndicate H.S. Vanderbilt Shamrock V (U.K.) Sir T. Lipton
1934 Rainbow (U.S.) H.S. Vanderbilt and syndicate H.S. Vanderbilt Endeavour (U.K.) T.O.M. Sopwith
1937 Ranger (U.S.) H.S. Vanderbilt H.S. Vanderbilt Endeavour II (U.K.) T.O.M. Sopwith
1958 Columbia (U.S.) H. Sears and syndicate B.S. Cunningham Sceptre (U.K.) H.L. Goodson and syndicate
1962 Weatherly (U.S.) H.D. Mercer,
A.D. Frese,
C.S. Walsh E. Mosbacher, Jr. Gretel (Austl.) Sir F. Packer and syndicate
1964 Constellation (U.S.) W.S. Gubelmann,
E. Ridder and syndicate R.N. Bavier, Jr.,
E. Ridder Sovereign (U.K.) J.A.J. Boyden
1967 Intrepid (U.S.) Intrepid syndicate E. Mosbacher, Jr. Dame Pattie (U.K.) E. Christensen and
15 commercial firms
1970 Intrepid (U.S.) Intrepid syndicate W. Ficker Gretel II (Austl.) Sir F. Packer and syndicate
1974 Courageous (U.S.) Courageous syndicate T. Hood Southern Cross (Austl.) A. Bond
1977 Courageous (U.S.) Courageous syndicate T. Turner Australia (Austl.) A. Bond and syndicate
1980 Freedom (U.S.) Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler Foundation, Inc. D. Conner Australia (Austl.) A. Bond and syndicate
1983 Australia II (Austl.) A. Bond and syndicate J. Bertrand Liberty (U.S.) Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler Foundation, Inc.
1987 Stars & Stripes (U.S.) Sail America syndicate D. Conner Kookaburra III (Austl.) K. Parry and syndicate
1988 Stars & Stripes (U.S.) Sail America syndicate D. Conner New Zealand (N.Z.) M. Fay
1992 America3 (U.S.) America3 Foundation B. Koch Il Moro di Venezia (Italy) Compagnia della Vela di Venezia
1995 Black Magic (N.Z.) P. Blake and Team New Zealand R. Coutts Young America (U.S.) Pact 95 syndicate
2000 Black Magic (N.Z.) Team New Zealand R. Coutts Luna Rossa (Italy) Prada Challenge
2003 Alinghi (Switz.) Alinghi Swiss Challenge R. Coutts New Zealand (N.Z.) Team New Zealand
2007 Alinghi (Switz.) Alinghi B. Butterworth New Zealand (N.Z.) Team New Zealand
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