Supreme Court justices, U.S.

Supreme Court justices, U.S.

Supreme Court justices, U.S.
chief justices in italic
name term of service* appointed by president
John Jay (Jay, John) 1789-95 Washington
James Wilson (Wilson, James) 1789-98 Washington
John Rutledge (Rutledge, John) 1790-91 Washington
William Cushing (Cushing, William) 1790-1810 Washington
John Blair (Blair, John) 1790-96 Washington
James Iredell (Iredell, James) 1790-99 Washington
Thomas Johnson (Johnson, Thomas) 1792-93 Washington
William Paterson (Paterson, William) 1793-1806 Washington
** (Rutledge, John) 1795 Washington
Samuel Chase (Chase, Samuel) 1796-1811 Washington
Oliver Ellsworth (Ellsworth, Oliver) 1796-1800 Washington
Bushrod Washington (Washington, Bushrod) 1799-1829 J. Adams
Alfred Moore (Moore, Alfred) 1800-04 J. Adams
John Marshall (Marshall, John) 1801-35 J. Adams
William Johnson (Johnson, William) 1804-34 Jefferson
Henry Brockholst Livingston (Livingston, Henry Brockholst) 1807-23 Jefferson
Thomas Todd (Todd, Thomas) 1807-26 Jefferson
Gabriel Duvall (Duvall, Gabriel) 1811-35 Madison
Joseph Story (Story, Joseph) 1812-45 Madison
Smith Thompson (Thompson, Smith) 1823-43 Monroe
Robert Trimble (Trimble, Robert) 1826-28 J.Q. Adams
John McLean (McLean, John) 1830-61 Jackson
Henry Baldwin (Baldwin, Henry) 1830-44 Jackson
James M. Wayne (Wayne, James M.) 1835-67 Jackson
Roger Brooke Taney (Taney, Roger Brooke) 1836-64 Jackson
Philip P. Barbour (Barbour, Philip P) 1836-41 Jackson
John Catron (Catron, John) 1837-65 Van Buren
John McKinley (McKinley, John) 1838-52 Van Buren
Peter V. Daniel (Daniel, Peter Vivian) 1842-60 Van Buren
Samuel Nelson (Nelson, Samuel) 1845-72 Tyler
Levi Woodbury (Woodbury, Levi) 1845-51 Polk
Robert C. Grier (Grier, Robert C) 1846-70 Polk
Benjamin R. Curtis (Curtis, Benjamin R) 1851-57 Fillmore
John Archibald Campbell (Campbell, John Archibald) 1853-61 Pierce
Nathan Clifford (Clifford, Nathan) 1858-81 Buchanan
Noah H. Swayne (Swayne, Noah H.) 1862-81 Lincoln
Samuel Freeman Miller (Miller, Samuel Freeman) 1862-90 Lincoln
David Davis (Davis, David) 1862-77 Lincoln
Stephen Johnson Field (Field, Stephen J) 1863-97 Lincoln
Salmon P. Chase (Chase, Salmon P.) 1864-73 Lincoln
William Strong (Strong, William) 1870-80 Grant
Joseph P. Bradley (Bradley, Joseph P.) 1870-92 Grant
Ward Hunt (Hunt, Ward) 1873-82 Grant
Morrison Remick Waite (Waite, Morrison Remick) 1874-88 Grant
John Marshall Harlan (Harlan, John Marshall) 1877-1911 Hayes
William B. Woods (Woods, William B.) 1881-87 Hayes
Stanley Matthews (Matthews, Stanley) 1881-89 Garfield
Horace Gray (Gray, Horace) 1882-1902 Arthur
Samuel Blatchford (Blatchford, Samuel) 1882-93 Arthur
Lucius Q.C. Lamar (Lamar, Lucius Q.C.) 1888-93 Cleveland
Melville Weston Fuller (Fuller, Melville Weston) 1888-1910 Cleveland
David J. Brewer (Brewer, David J.) 1890-1910 B. Harrison
Henry B. Brown (Brown, Henry Billings) 1891-1906 B. Harrison
George Shiras, Jr. (Shiras, George, Jr.) 1892-1903 B. Harrison
Howell E. Jackson (Jackson, Howell E.) 1893-95 B. Harrison
Edward Douglass White (White, Edward Douglass) 1894-1910 Cleveland
Rufus Wheeler Peckham (Peckham, Rufus Wheeler) 1896-1909 Cleveland
Joseph McKenna (McKenna, Joseph) 1898-1925 McKinley
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.) 1902-32 T. Roosevelt
William R. Day (Day, William R.) 1903-22 T. Roosevelt
William H. Moody (Moody, William) 1906-10 T. Roosevelt
Horace H. Lurton (Lurton, Horace H) 1910-14 Taft
Charles Evans Hughes (Hughes, Charles Evans) 1910-16 Taft
Willis Van Devanter (Van Devanter, Willis) 1911-37 Taft
Joseph R. Lamar (Lamar, Joseph Rucker) 1911-16 Taft
Edward Douglass White (White, Edward Douglass) 1910-21 Taft
Mahlon Pitney (Pitney, Mahlon) 1912-22 Taft
James C. McReynolds (McReynolds, James) 1914-41 Wilson
Louis Brandeis (Brandeis, Louis) 1916-39 Wilson
John H. Clarke (Clarke, John Hessin) 1916-22 Wilson
William Howard Taft (Taft, William Howard) 1921-30 Harding
George Sutherland (Sutherland, George) 1922-38 Harding
Pierce Butler (Butler, Pierce) 1923-39 Harding
Edward T. Sanford (Sanford, Edward T) 1923-30 Harding
Harlan Fiske Stone (Stone, Harlan Fiske) 1925-41 Coolidge
Charles Evans Hughes (Hughes, Charles Evans) 1930-41 Hoover
Owen Roberts (Roberts, Owen Josephus) 1930-45 Hoover
Benjamin Nathan Cardozo (Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan) 1932-38 Hoover
Hugo L. Black (Black, Hugo) 1937-71 F. Roosevelt
Stanley F. Reed (Reed, Stanley F.) 1938-57 F. Roosevelt
Felix Frankfurter (Frankfurter, Felix) 1939-62 F. Roosevelt
William O. Douglas (Douglas, William O.) 1939-75 F. Roosevelt
Frank Murphy (Murphy, Frank) 1940-49 F. Roosevelt
Harlan Fiske Stone (Stone, Harlan Fiske) 1941-46 F. Roosevelt
James F. Byrnes (Byrnes, James F.) 1941-42 F. Roosevelt
Robert H. Jackson (Jackson, Robert H(oughwout)) 1941-54 F. Roosevelt
Wiley B. Rutledge (Rutledge, Wiley B, Jr.) 1943-49 F. Roosevelt
Harold H. Burton (Burton, Harold H.) 1945-58 Truman
Fred M. Vinson (Vinson, Fred M.) 1946-53 Truman
Tom C. Clark (Clark, Tom C.) 1949-67 Truman
Sherman Minton (Minton, Sherman) 1949-56 Truman
Earl Warren (Warren, Earl) 1953-69 Eisenhower
John Marshall Harlan (Harlan, John Marshall) 1955-71 Eisenhower
William J. Brennan, Jr. (Brennan, William) 1956-90 Eisenhower
Charles E. Whittaker (Whittaker, Charles E.) 1957-62 Eisenhower
Potter Stewart (Stewart, Potter) 1958-81 Eisenhower
Byron R. White (White, Byron R.) 1962-93 Kennedy
Arthur J. Goldberg (Goldberg, Arthur J.) 1962-65 Kennedy
Abe Fortas (Fortas, Abe) 1965-69 L. Johnson
Thurgood Marshall (Marshall, Thurgood) 1967-91 L. Johnson
Warren E. Burger (Burger, Warren E.) 1969-86 Nixon
Harry A. Blackmun (Blackmun, Harry A.) 1970-94 Nixon
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. (Powell, Lewis F., Jr.) 1972-87 Nixon
William H. Rehnquist (Rehnquist, William) 1972-86 Nixon
John Paul Stevens (Stevens, John Paul) 1975- Ford
Sandra Day O'Connor (O'Connor, Sandra Day) 1981-2006 Reagan
William H. Rehnquist (Rehnquist, William) 1986-2005 Reagan
Antonin Scalia (Scalia, Antonin) 1986- Reagan
Anthony M. Kennedy (Kennedy, Anthony) 1988- Reagan
David H. Souter (Souter, David Hackett) 1990- G.H.W. Bush
Clarence Thomas (Thomas, Clarence) 1991- G.H.W. Bush
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Ginsburg, Ruth Bader) 1993- Clinton
Stephen G. Breyer (Breyer, Stephen) 1994- Clinton
John G. Roberts, Jr. (Roberts, John G., Jr.) 2005- G.W. Bush
Samuel A. Alito (Alito, Samuel A., Jr.) 2006- G.W. Bush
*The date the justice took the judicial oath is here used as the beginning date of service, for until that oath is taken the justice is not vested with the prerogatives of the office. Justices, however, receive their commissions ("letters patent") before taking their oaths—in some instances, in the preceding year.
**John Rutledge was acting chief justice; the U.S. Senate refused to confirm him.
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