Launches in support of human spaceflight, 2002

Launches in support of human spaceflight, 2002

Country Flight Crew1 Dates2 Mission/payload
U.S. STS-109, Columbia Scott Altma
Duane Carey
John Grunsfeld
Nancy Currie
James Newman
Richard Linnehan
Michael Massimino March 1-12 repairs and upgrades to Hubble Space Telescope
Russia Progress — March 21 ISS supplies
China Shenzhou 3 — March 25 third unmanned test flight of China's first manned spacecraft
U.S. STS-110, Atlantis Michael Bloomfield
Stephen Frick
Jerry Ross
Steven Smith
Ellen Ochoa
Lee Morin
Rex Walheim April 8-19 delivery of S0 truss segment to ISS
Russia Soyuz TM-34 Yury Gidzenko
Roberto Vittori
Mark Shuttleworth3 April 25-May 4 exchange of Soyuz return craft for ISS crew (TM-33 with TM-34)
U.S. STS-111, Endeavour Kenneth Cockrell
Paul Lockhart
Franklin Chang-Diaz
Philippe Perrin
Valery Korzun (u)
Peggy Whitson (u)
Sergey Treshchev (u)
Yury Onufriyenko (d)
Carl Walz (d)
Daniel Bursch (d) June 5-19 repairs and equipment delivery to ISS; station crew exchange
Russia Progress — June 26 ISS supplies
Russia Progress — September 25 ISS supplies
U.S. STS-112, Atlantis Jeffrey Ashby
Pamela Melroy
David Wolf
Piers Sellers
Sandra Magnus
Fyodor Yurchikhin October 7-18 delivery of S1 truss segment to ISS
Russia Soyuz TMA-1 Sergey Zalyotin
Yury Lonchakov
Frank De Winne October 29-November 9 exchange of Soyuz return craft for ISS crew (TM-34 with TMA-1); first flight of upgraded Soyuz
U.S. STS-113, Endeavour James Wetherbee
Paul Lockhart
Michael Lopez-Alegria
John Herrington
Ken Bowersox (u)
Nikolay Budarin (u)
Donald Pettit (u)
Valery Korzun (d)
Peggy Whitson (d)
Sergey Treshchev (d) November 23-December 7 delivery of P1 truss segment to ISS; station crew exchange
China Shenzhou 4 — December 30 fourth unmanned test flight of China's first manned spacecraft
See as table:
      1Commander and pilot (or flight engineer for Soyuz) are listed first.
2Launch date for unmanned missions; launch and return dates for manned missions.
3Flew as paying passenger.
u = ISS crew member transported to station (ISS commander listed first).
d = ISS crew member returned to Earth (ISS commander listed first).

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