Major health effects of tobacco product by type

Major health effects of tobacco product by type

+++ high, well-established risk
++ causal role accepted by leading health authorities
+ plausible risk, but evidence is not definitive
- not a probable risk
1The cigarette poses the highest risk for producing strong addiction in many users, but all the products can produce a strong addiction. The apparent lower overall risk of addiction for cigars and pipes may be because use of these products generally begins at a later age than does use of cigarettes and oral nonsmoked tobacco.
2The lung cancer potential of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars is similar when similar amounts of smoke are inhaled. However, many pipe and cigar smokers do not regularly inhale the smoke and thus the overall risk of lung cancer is lower for pipes and cigars.
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Major health effects of tobacco product by type
product addiction1 heart disease lung cancer2 oral cancer chronic lung disease pregnancy problems
Cigarette +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Cigar ++ ++ ++ +++ ++ +
Pipe ++ ++ ++ +++ ++ +
Oral nonsmoked
(e.g., chewing tobacco) +++ + - +++ +
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