Tissue Affected by Phosphoinositide Second

Tissue Affected by Phosphoinositide Second

Tissue affected by phosphoinositide second-messenger system
extracellular signal target tissue cellular response
acetylcholine pancreas
pancreas (islet cells)
smooth muscle amylase secretion
insulin release
vasopressin liver
kidney glycogenolysis
thrombin blood platelets platelet aggregation
antigens lymphoblasts
mast cells DNA synthesis
histamine secretion
growth factors fibroblasts DNA synthesis
spermatozoa eggs (sea urchin) fertilization
light photoreceptors (horseshoe crab) phototransduction
thyrotropin-releasing hormone pituitary anterior lobe prolactin secretion
Source: From Christopher K. Mathews, K.E. van Holde, and Kevin G. Ahern, Biochemistry, 3rd ed. (2000),
Table 23.5.
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