Equivalent compounds and derivatives

Equivalent compounds and derivatives

Equivalent compounds and derivatives*
from the Greek from the Latin
dys-troph-y mal-nutr-it-ion
hypo-sta-sis sub-stan-ce
hypo-the-sis sup-pos-it-ion
meta-morph-o-sis trans-form-at-ion
meta-phor trans-fer
meta-the-sis trans-pos-it-ion
peri-pher-y circum-fer-en-ce
peri-phra-sis circum-loc-ut-ion
sym-path-y com-pass-ion
syn-drom-e con-curr-en-ce
syn-op-sis con-spect-us
syn-the-sis com-pos-it-ion
sy-zyg-y con-junc-t-ion
dia-phan-ous trans-par-ent
hyper-aesth-et-ic super-sens-it-ive
hyper-phys-ic-al super-nat-ur-al
hypo-derm-ic sub-cut-an-eous
hypo-ge-al sub-terr-an-ean
melan-chol-ic atra-bil-ious
mono-morph-ic uni-form
oxy-phyll-ous acut-i-fol-i-ate
peri-pat-et-ic circum-amb-ul-at-ory
phos-phor-escent lumin-i-fer-ous
poly-glott-al multi-lingu-al
sphen-oid cunei-form
syn-chron-ic con-temp-or-ary
*The italicized suffixes -al, -escent, and -ous, attached to some of the Greek adjectives, are of Latin origin.
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