Text messaging acronyms

Text messaging acronyms

Text messaging acronyms
2G2BT Too good to be true
2MORO Tomorrow
AFAIK As far as I know
ATB All the best
BFF Best friends forever
BRB Be right back
BTW By the way
CID Consider it done
CUL8R Call (see) you later
CU 2MORO See you tomorrow
DHYB Don't hold your breath
DIY Do it yourself
ETA Estimated time of arrival
EZ Easy
FOFL Falling on the floor laughing
FYI For your information
H&K Hug and kiss
HHIS Hanging my head in shame
HTH Hope this helps
IIRC If I remember correctly
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
IYSS If you say so
J/K Just kidding
JM2C Just my two cents worth
JM2p Just my two pence worth
KOTL Kiss on the lips
KWIM Know what I mean?
L8R G8R See you later alligator
LOL Laughed out loud / Lots of luck
LTS Laughing to self
LUWAMH Love you with all my heart
meh Who cares, whatever
MIA Missing in action
NBD No big deal
NSFW Not safe for work
OMG Oh my God
OTOH On the other hand
oxox Hugs and kisses
PBEM Play by e-mail
PVP Player versus player
QOTD Quote of the day
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
SHID Slaps head in disgust
SOHF Sense of humour failure
SRO Standing room only
THX or TX Thanks
TMI Too much information
TTFN Ta ta for now
TWIMC To whom it may concern
UR You are
WYSIWUG What you see is what you get
YBS You'll be sorry
YKWYCD You know what you could do
YTLKIN2ME You talking to me?
YYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever
zzz Sleeping, bored, tired
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