Kentucky, flag of

Kentucky, flag of

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      U.S. state flag consisting of a dark blue field (background) with the state seal in the centre.

      At the time of its admission to the Union in 1792, Kentucky was considered to be on the nation's western frontier, and this was reflected in the symbolism of the state seal. According to the design specifications adopted on June 14, 1962, the seal shows two men embracing; one of the figures is a frontiersman in buckskins, and the other is a gentleman in formal frock coat and pants. These suggest Kentucky's country and city inhabitants of 1792, as well as Westerners and Easterners with their common interest in preserving national unity. That theme is reflected in the state motto, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

      The Kentucky seal has been represented in the centre of the state flag since the flag's adoption on March 26, 1918. The dark blue background is typical of half of all American state flags. Framing the seal is a wreath of goldenrod (the state flower) and the name “Commonwealth of Kentucky.” Like Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, Kentucky has designated itself a commonwealth, although legally it has the same status as the other states.

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