Zhou Yang

Zhou Yang

▪ Chinese literary critic
Wade-Giles romanization  Chou Yang , pseudonym of  Zhou Qiying 
born November 7, 1908, Yiyang, Hunan province, China
died July 31, 1989, Beijing

      Chinese literary critic and theorist who introduced Marxist theories of literature to China.

      Zhou joined the Chinese Communist Party soon after the failure of the revolution in 1927. He graduated from Daxia University in Shanghai in 1928 and went to Japan for advanced study in 1929. Upon returning to China in 1931, he became one of the leaders of the League of Leftist Writers, and in 1932 he edited the league's organ, Wenxue yuebao (“Literature Monthly”). He went to Yan'an in 1937 and served in several official posts; he was appointed successively administrator of education of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, dean of the Lu Xun Academy of Art and Literature, and president of Yan'an University. After 1949 he was vice-minister of culture, vice-director of the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and vice-chairman of the All-China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. During the Cultural Revolution (1966–76) he was branded by the Jiang Qing clique as the representative of a counterrevolutionary line of literature and was repudiated at mass meetings and ruthlessly persecuted. He was rehabilitated in 1978 and was appointed vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and chairman of the All-China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

      Zhou had a lifelong interest in literary theory and criticism. In the 1930s he introduced to China Marxist concepts and theories of literature, the aesthetic theory of the Russian revolutionary democrat N.G. Chernyshevsky (Chernyshevsky, N.G.), and Socialist Realism, the officially sanctioned style then being fostered in the Soviet Union. While in Yan'an Zhou compiled Makesizhuyi yu wenyi (1944; “Marxism and Literature”), a systematic presentation of what the outstanding Marxists had to say about literature, and he translated Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. His essays and dissertations were later collected in many volumes.

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