Yuan Zhen

Yuan Zhen

▪ Chinese author
Wade-Giles romanization  Yüan Chen , courtesy name (zi)  Weizhi 
born 779, Luoyang, Henan province, China
died 831, Wuchang, Hubei province

      a key literary figure of the middle Tang dynasty of China, influential in the Guwen (“ancient-style prose”) revival, which employed the styles of the early classical Chinese writers.

      Yuan entered state service through the examination system and briefly held ministerial rank. While in office he became a member of the literary circle of the poet-official Bai Juyi. Deeming literature an instrument of ethical and social improvement, the group rejected the courtly trends of the time and called for a revival of the moral themes and the straightforward style of ancient literature. Yuan thus joined Bai in reviving an old ballad tradition associated with social protest. Though famed for these xinyuefu, or “new music bureau,” ballads, as well as for his more conventional poetry, Yuan was best known for his short fiction. Using contemporary settings, figures, and themes, he adapted the traditional chuanqi, or “marvel tale,” to serious moral and social purposes. Works such as his semiautobiographical Yingyingzhuan (“Story of Yingying”) thus set a new standard for the genre of the tale in Chinese literature.

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