Voisin, Gabriel

Voisin, Gabriel

▪ French aviation pioneer
born Feb. 5, 1880, Belleville-sur-Saône, France
died Dec. 25, 1973, Moulin d'Ozenay, near Tournus
 French aviation pioneer and aircraft manufacturer.

      Voisin was one of the most colorful figures in the early history of aviation. Trained as an architect and inspired by the work of the French aviation pioneer Clément Ader (Ader, Clément), he began to pursue an interest in flight as early as 1898. With the assistance of his younger brother Charles, he built and tested a variety of kites (kite), intending to build one large enough to lift a human being.

      Voisin reached a major turning point in 1903 when Ernest Archdeacon, a wealthy lawyer and aeronautical enthusiast, hired him to test-fly a copy of a Wright brothers (Wright, Wilbur and Orville)' glider. The two men founded Wright Company, the first commercial aircraft manufacturer. Their first products were a pair of biplane gliders, one built for Archdeacon and the other for French aviator Louis Blériot (Blériot, Louis), both of which were tested behind towboats on the Seine River. Voisin and Blériot then united to form a new company that produced at least one unsuccessful powered aircraft for Blériot. In addition, Voisin claimed to have been involved in the construction of the Santos-Dumont No. 14-bis, the aircraft in which Alberto Santos-Dumont (Santos-Dumont, Alberto) made the first public flight in Europe (Nov. 12, 1906). Voisin and Blériot went their separate ways before the end of 1906, opening the way for Gabriel and Charles Voisin to establish their own firm.

      The first aircraft produced by the new firm was a failure. The second, purchased by Ferdinand Léon Delagrange, flew for the first time on March 16, 1907, at Bagatelle. On Nov. 9, 1907, a Voisin biplane known as the Voisin-Farman I, owned and operated by the French aeronautical pioneer Henri Farman (Farman, Henri), became the first airplane in the world, other than a Wright brothers' machine, to remain in the air for more than a minute. Farman won the Deutsche-Archdeacon Prize of 50,000 francs on Jan. 13, 1908, for the first officially witnessed circular flight of 1 km (0.6 mile). By midsummer, Voisin aircraft were covering distances up to 14 km (8.7 miles).

      Voisin continued to manufacture aircraft through World War I, amassing a considerable fortune in the process. With the return of peace, he turned his attention to automobile production, the industry in which he would remain involved for the next 30 years.

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