Ussher, James

Ussher, James

▪ Anglo-Irish prelate

born Jan. 4, 1581, Dublin, Ire.
died March 21, 1656, Reigate, Surrey, Eng.
 Anglo-Irish prelate of the Anglican church who was memorable for his activity in religious politics and for his work on patristic texts, especially the chronology of the Old Testament.

      Ordained priest in 1601, Ussher became professor (1607–21) and twice vice-chancellor (1614, 1617) at the university where he had received his B.A., Trinity College, Dublin. He was made bishop of Meath in 1621 and archbishop of Armagh in 1625. Ussher became primate of all Ireland in 1634. He was in England in 1642, when the Civil War broke out, and he never returned to Ireland. Having earned the respect of both Anglicans and Puritans, he proposed in 1641 a method for combining the episcopal and presbyterian forms of church government in the Church of England. A Royalist, he vainly counseled Charles I against assenting to the execution in 1641 of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, to appease Parliament. Ussher was briefly bishop of Carlisle in 1642 before moving to Oxford. Declining an invitation to join the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643–49), he preached against its legality. From 1647 to 1654 he was preacher at Lincoln's Inn, London.

      Ussher wrote widely on Christianity in Asia Minor, on episcopacy, and against Roman Catholicism. An expert in Semitic languages, he argued for the reliability of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament and employed an agent in the Middle East to collect biblical and other manuscripts for him. Scholars still respect him for his correct distinction between the genuine and the spurious epistles of the 2nd-century St. Ignatius of Antioch, on which he published works in 1644 and 1647. The general public may find Bibles perpetuating his chronological researches (published in the 1650s), which dated the creation of the universe at 4004 BC. This date was widely accepted in the Western world until the 19th century. Ussher had a fine library, which is now in the University of Dublin.

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