Trusteeship Council

Trusteeship Council

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      one of the principal organs of the United Nations (UN), designed to supervise the government of trust territories and to lead them to self-government or independence. The council originally consisted of states administering trust territories, permanent members of the Security Council that did not administer trust territories, and other members elected by the General Assembly. With the independence of Palau in 1994, the council suspended operations.

      Originally, the council met once each year. Each member had one vote, and decisions were taken by a simple majority of those present. Since 1994 the council is no longer required to meet annually, though it may meet on the decision of the Trusteeship Council's president or on a request by a majority of its members, by the General Assembly (General Assembly, United Nations), or by the Security Council (Security Council, United Nations).

      The international supervision of colonial territories was introduced in 1919 by U.S. Pres. Woodrow Wilson (Wilson, Woodrow) at the Paris Peace Conference, which created the mandate system of the League of Nations (Nations, League of). The trusteeship system, like the mandate system, was established on the premise that colonial territories taken from countries defeated in war should not be annexed by the victorious powers but should be administered by a trust country under international supervision until their future status was determined. Unlike the mandate system, the trusteeship system invited petitions from trust territories on their independence and required periodic international missions to the territories.

      In 1945 only 12 League of Nations mandates remained: Nauru, New Guinea, Ruanda-Urundi, Togoland and Cameroon (French administered), Togoland and Cameroon (British administered), the Pacific Islands (Carolines, Marshalls, and Marianas), Western Samoa, South West Africa, Tanganyika, and Palestine. All these mandates became trust territories except South West Africa (now Namibia), which South Africa refused to enter into the trusteeship system. With the cessation of its main activities in 1994, new roles for the council have been proposed, including administering the global commons (e.g., the seabed and outer space) and serving as a forum for minority and indigenous peoples.

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