Triclinius, Demetrius

Triclinius, Demetrius

▪ Byzantine scholar
flourished early 14th century, probably Thessalonica, Byzantine Empire [now Thessaloniki, Greece]

      Byzantine scholar of the Palaeologan era, who edited the works of the ancient Greek poets, mainly the tragedians, with metrical and exegetical scholia (annotations).

      Triclinius's editions incorporated notes by other scholars as well as scholia from earlier traditions. He was the first Byzantine scholar to examine closely the metrical structure of the lyrics of Attic plays; but, striving to apply the rules of Hephaestion and misled by his own views of Greek prosody, he often edited the text in ways considered unsatisfactory by later scholars. His text of Aeschylus survives, probably in his own handwriting, as does his transcript of Hesiod; his text of Sophocles was not superseded until the 18th century. Triclinius also annotated works by Euripides, Pindar, Aristophanes, and Theocritus.

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