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      (Portuguese: “register of grants”), register of landholdings in Ceylon, compiled in the early 17th century under the Portuguese, and in the late 17th and 18th centuries under the Dutch. The traditional system of land tenure in Ceylon was a complex one based on both obligatory service and a tax in the form of money or kind. To administer this system efficiently, the Portuguese began in 1608 to compile a detailed register, or tombo, of all their territories in Ceylon.

      The tombo included a description of each holding, the title of those who held it, the income it yielded, and the dues (in tax or service) to which the holder was liable. By the time of Dutch rule, most of the Portuguese tombos had been destroyed in the ravages of war. By 1676 the Dutch, hoping to free themselves from reliance on the word of native chiefs whom they felt to be dishonest, succeeded in compiling new tombos. The new tombos, which called for both increased service and taxes, caused widespread discontent, resulting in a decrease in land yield, population migration, and even, in one case, open rebellion. By mid-18th century, many of these tombos had been destroyed and had to be compiled anew. The general effect of the tombos was not to change the traditional land tenure system but to depersonalize and regulate it.

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