Thornton, Henry

Thornton, Henry

▪ British economist, banker, and philanthropist
born March 10, 1760, London, England
died January 16, 1815, London

      English economist, banker, and philanthropist who made significant contributions to monetary theory.

      Thornton was the son of a noted merchant and philanthropist. He became a leading member of the Clapham Sect, an austere, evangelical branch of the Church of England, and was a close associate of William Wilberforce (Wilberforce, William) in his campaign against slavery. In 1782 Thornton was elected to Parliament for Southwark, a seat he held until the end of his life. Thornton, who was noted for his personal integrity and for his abolitionist views, believed he could best maintain political independence by refusing to join either the Whigs or the Tories. In Parliament his peers regarded him as an authority on all financial matters. His sense of public service extended to his private life, too, as he donated most of his income to charity.

      Because Thornton was a monetary theorist, his major contributions concerned interest, circulation of money, prices, and the effects of banking on currency. He was the first economist to establish the difference between nominal and real interest rates—for example, if the real rate of interest is 4 percent, and people expect inflation of 3 percent, then the nominal interest rate will be 7 percent.

      Thornton's Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Paper Credit of Great Britain (1802) is a significant work on monetary theory. Although this book was forgotten for more than 100 years, economists Jacob Viner (Viner, Jacob) and Friedrich von Hayek (Hayek, F.A.) brought it to the attention of their colleagues in the 1930s. In Inquiry Thornton also defended the Bank of England (England, Bank of) against charges that its excessive issue of paper money had been responsible for a general rise in prices. Thornton adopted the antibullionist position, i.e., that banks reflect rather than cause high prices. Over time, however, he grew more critical of the Bank of England, and in his Bullion Committee Report of 1810, which studied the cause of the high price of gold bullion, he favoured a decrease in the issuance of paper money.

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