Third Department

Third Department

▪ Russian political office
Russian  Tretye Otdeleniye,  also called  Third Section Of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancery In Russia,  

      office created by Emperor Nicholas I (July 15 [July 3, old style], 1826) to conduct secret police operations. Designed by Count A.Kh. Benckendorff (Benckendorff, Aleksandr Khristoforovich, Count), who was also its first chief administrator (1826–44), the department was responsible for political security.

      It conducted surveillances and gathered information on political dissidents, religious schismatics, and foreigners. It banished suspected political criminals to remote regions and operated prisons for “state criminals.” It was also responsible for prosecuting counterfeiters of money and official documents and for conducting censorship. It functioned in conjunction with the Corps of Gendarmes (formed in 1836), a well-organized military force that operated throughout the empire, and with a network of anonymous spies and informers.

      Originally intended to protect the common people of Russia from the exploitation and corrupt practices of the dominant classes, it became a particularly repressive institution. In the 1870s it was responsible for the arrest of many Narodniki (Populists), who had gone into the countryside to improve conditions and agitate politically among the peasantry; it became a major target for revolutionary terrorists, who assassinated its head, Gen. N.V. Mezentsev, in 1878.

      The department was abolished in 1880 by Gen. M.T. Loris-Melikov (Loris-Melikov, Mikhail Tariyelovich, Graf), who was appointed by Alexander II to assume many executive responsibilities and to undermine the revolutionary movement by instigating a series of moderate reforms. The department's functions were transferred to the department of the police of the Ministry of Interior.

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