▪ Visigoth king of Spain
died June 548

      the first Visigothic king of Spain (531–548), in the sense that he was the first to reside there permanently. An Ostrogoth, he had been sent to Spain with an army by Theodoric the Great (Theodoric). There he acquired great possessions in the valley of the Ebro by marriage with a Roman lady. Theodoric the Great chose him to be the regent and guardian for his three-year-old grandson Amalaric, who had inherited the Visigothic kingdom. Theudis, who resided first at Barcelona and then at Sevilla (Seville), became king himself when Amalaric was assassinated in a Frankish invasion in 531. He endeavoured to complete his mastery of the diocese of Spain by occupying Mauritania Tingitana, but he was defeated by the Roman imperial officers at Ceuta. He was in due course murdered at Sevilla and succeeded by Theudigisel (Theudesgesil).

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