▪ Ostrogoth king of Italy
died December 536

      Ostrogothic king of Italy and a philosopher who studied Plato; his assassination of his cousin Queen Amalasuntha, daughter of King Theodoric, furnished a pretext for the Byzantine emperor Justinian I to invade Italy.

      The son of Theodoric's sister, Theodahad was invited to share the throne with Amalasuntha in 534, after the death of her son. Theodahad accepted the title of king, but Amalasuntha, who opposed the Ostrogoth nationalist faction and was friendly with the Byzantine emperor, continued to rule as she had during her son's minority. In 535 the queen was seized and carried off to an island in Lake Bolsena, near Orvieto; shortly thereafter she was strangled in her bath by assassins, with Theodahad's complicity. Under the guise of championing the murdered queen, Justinian dispatched his general Belisarius, who took Sicily and Naples and marched on Rome late in 536. Theodahad, deposed by the threatened Gothic army assembled in the Pontine marshes and replaced by Witigis, fled toward Ravenna, but he was captured and killed by a Goth on the Via Flaminia.

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