Tetricus, Gaius Pius Esuvius

Tetricus, Gaius Pius Esuvius

▪ Roman emperor
flourished 3rd century

      rival Roman emperor in Gaul from 271 to 274.

      Tetricus was a Gallic noble related to the usurping ruler of Gaul, Victorinus, and to Victorinus' mother, Victoria. Upon the murder of Victorinus, Tetricus, who was governor of Aquitania, was proclaimed emperor, apparently backed by the influence and money of Victoria. During his short and nominal reign, the monetary inflation of the 3rd century reached its peak. Gaul experienced extensive invasions by Germanic tribes, and Tetricus was threatened by successive mutinies. When the emperor Aurelian (reigned 270–275) appeared in Gaul with an army, Tetricus concluded a private treaty with him and then deserted to him during the Battle of Châlons-sur-Marne (274; now Châlons-en-Champagne, in France). Aurelian forced Tetricus to march in his triumph and then pardoned him and appointed him governor of southern Italy.

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