Terauchi Masatake, Count

Terauchi Masatake, Count

▪ prime minister of Japan
born July 12, 1852, Yamaguchi, Nagato province, Japan
died Nov. 7, 1919, Ōiso
 Japanese soldier and politician who served as Japanese prime minister (1916–18) during World War I.

      He was born into a family of retainers of the Chōshū clan and originally was named Tada Jusaburō. Masatake changed his name when he was adopted into the Terauchi family during his youth. He entered the military at the age of 12 and became a protégé of Yamagata Aritomo, creator of the modern Japanese armed forces. In 1902 Terauchi was made army minister, a position he held for 10 years. In May 1910 he was concurrently appointed resident general of the Japanese colony in Korea, with orders to complete the annexation of Korea to Japan. He rapidly completed the Japanese military's control of the country, forcing the Korean government to accept an annexation treaty on Aug. 22, 1910.

      In October 1916, at Yamagata's insistence, Terauchi became prime minister of a new Cabinet. At a time of growing party dominance over the government, the appointment of a nonpolitical figure was something of an anomaly, and Terauchi was able to govern only with the aid of an all-party Cabinet. Nevertheless, he pursued a forceful policy in foreign affairs, working to increase Japanese influence on the Chinese mainland by financially supporting pro-Japanese warlords in China. Further, Terauchi agreed to aid Great Britain and its allies during World War I only in exchange for secret agreements allowing for Japanese rights on the Chinese mainland; the agreements were later validated at the Treaty of Versailles (Versailles, Treaty of) in 1919. Terauchi's last official act was to propose Japanese intervention in Siberia, after the Russian Revolution, in the hope of gaining control of the Trans-Siberian Railway and consequently strengthening the Japanese position in Manchuria (Northeast). His government collapsed in 1918, when the Rikken Seiyūkai party withdrew its support as a result of rioting in Tokyo over a rice shortage.

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