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      the yew family, in the order Pinales, containing 6 genera and 30 species of evergreen trees and shrubs, distributed mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. The plants have many branches, covered with alternate, needlelike leaves. Pollen-bearing and ovule-bearing plants are usually separate; the pollen-bearing reproductive units are contained within conelike structures. The usually solitary seeds are covered by fleshy arils (berrylike or plumlike structures) that apparently aid in dispersal by animals. The seed tip is exposed in species of Austrotaxus.

      The genus Austrotaxus has only one species (A. spicata), native to mountain forests of New Caledonia. Growing from 15 to 25 metres tall, the tree resembles the yellow woods in leaf characteristics and growth habit but differs in flower structure and the presence of the seed covering.

      The genus Pseudotaxus has one species (P. chienii), a shrub from eastern China, seldom more than 4 metres high. It resembles Taxus in general appearance but has a cup-shaped, white seed covering.

      The largest genus, Taxus ( yew), has about eight species and many varieties, distributed in North America, Europe, Asia Minor, and eastern Asia.

       Torreya comprises about six species distributed in localized areas in East Asia, California, and the southeastern United States. The leaves of these small to medium-sized trees are relatively hard and rigid compared with those of the closely related Taxus.

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