Tang Yin

Tang Yin

▪ Chinese painter
Wade-Giles romanization  T'ang Yin,  also called  Tang Bohu 
born 1470, Wuxian [now Suzhou], Jiangsu province, China
died 1523
 Chinese scholar, painter, and poet of the Ming period whose life story has become a part of popular lore.

      Tang was a pupil of the great Shen Zhou, a friend of Wen Zhengming, and was aided by the latter's father, Wen Lin. Tang came from a mercantile background and excelled in his studies. He was accused, perhaps unfairly, of cheating in the provincial examinations that would have guaranteed him the security of a government sinecure and comfort for the cultivation of scholarly pursuits. Denied further official progress, he pursued a life of pleasure and earned a living by selling his paintings. That mode of living brought him into disrepute with a later generation of artist-critics (for example, Dong Qichang) who felt that financial independence was vital to enable an artist to follow his own style and inspiration. While Tang is associated with paintings of feminine beauty, his paintings (especially landscapes) otherwise exhibit the same variety and expression of his peers and reveal a man of both artistic skill and profound insight.

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