Sukenik, Eliezer

Sukenik, Eliezer

▪ Israeli archaeologist
in full  Eliezer Lipa Sukenik 
born Aug. 12, 1889, Białystok, Pol., Russian Empire
died Feb. 28, 1953, Jerusalem, Israel

      Polish-born Israeli archaeologist who identified the antiquity of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      Sukenik settled in Palestine in 1912 and was drawn to archaeology while studying at the Hebrew Teachers Seminary and the French Biblical and Archaeological School at Jerusalem. After earning degrees at the University of Berlin (A.B., 1923) and Dropsie College, Philadelphia (Ph.D., 1926), he returned to Palestine. He became associated with the Hebrew University as field archaeologist (1926), subsequently becoming lecturer (1935) in and then professor (1938) of the archaeology of Palestine. He was also director of the Museum of Jewish Antiquities.

      Sukenik's numerous excavations and investigations led to remarkable discoveries. He found remnants of an important Hyksos fortification at Tell Jerishe and directed the clearance of the Third Wall in Jerusalem (1925–27), later publishing, with L.A. Mayer, The Third Wall of Jerusalem (1930). Sukenik's publication The Ancient Synagogue of Beth Alpha (1932) made famous the mosaic pavement he had unearthed there and expanded the frontiers of the history of Jewish art. Sukenik's keen interest in numismatics led to his identification of the oldest Jewish coins of the period of Persian domination. His familiarity with the script of the epitaphs of the Jewish necropolis in Jerusalem, dating from the last century (c. 30 BC–AD 70) of the Second Temple, enabled him to recognize that the scrolls found in the first Qumran cave in 1947 dated from that same period. His book The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Hebrew University was published posthumously in 1955.

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