Southern Buh

Southern Buh

Ukrainian  Pivdennyy Buh , Russian  Yuzhny Bug, Yuzhny  also spelled  Iuzhnyi , also called  Boh 

      river, southwestern and south-central Ukraine. The Southern Buh is 492 miles (792 km) long and drains a basin of 24,610 square miles (63,740 square km). It rises in the Volyn-Podilsk Upland and flows east and southeast, first through a narrow valley with rapids and then across rolling steppe (largely under cultivation), to enter the Black Sea by a winding estuary 29 miles (47 km) long. The flow of the river shows great seasonal variation. The Southern Buh is navigable to Voznesensk, and on its estuary is the port of Mykolayiv. The river became known as the Southern Buh to distinguish it from the Buh ( Bug River) in western Ukraine.

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