slit drum

slit drum

      percussion instrument formed by hollowing a tree trunk through a lengthwise slit and sounded by the players' stamping feet or by beating with sticks; the edges of the slit are usually of different thicknesses, so as to produce different pitches. Unlike membrane drums, which are classified as membranophones, slit drums are idiophones, or resonant solids.

      Slit drums are found in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. They vary in size from huge tree trunks (20 feet [6 m] or more in length and 7 feet [2.1 m] or more in width) enclosed in huts and played by several men to small bamboo instruments used in Malaysia by watchmen. Large slit drums are sometimes less precisely called slit gongs.

      Slit drums are frequently ritual instruments that are regarded as possessing magical attributes and are often associated with water and with death and resurrection. Because of their great carrying power and resonance, they are often also used as signaling instruments, in some places transmitting messages by reproducing the inflections of human speech. Frequently, slit drums are carved as elaborately stylized animals. Among the Aztecs (as the teponaztli) and earlier Mesoamerican peoples, the slit drum was hollowed through an H-shaped slit, the two tongues of which produced different pitches; several instruments are believed to have been combined in order to play melodies.

      Two smaller, Chinese offshoots of the slit drum are the wood block and the wooden fish (Chinese mu yü; also known as temple block), carved in the shape of a mythical fish and lacquered red. Both were used in religious ritual, and the former was also in Chinese opera orchestras. Producing a clear, penetrating sound, they were adopted into the Western orchestra in the 20th century.

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