Shore, Jane

Shore, Jane

▪ English courtesan
died 1527

      mistress of the English king Edward IV (reigned 1461–70 and 1471–83). Beautiful, charming, and witty, she is thought to have exercised a beneficial influence over Edward.

      The daughter of a prosperous London merchant, Jane at an early age married William Shore, a goldsmith. Edward, who enjoyed the company of the London populace, discovered her about a year after his return from France in 1469 and took her for his mistress. After Edward's death in 1483 she became the mistress of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset, who was the son of Edward's widow, Elizabeth Woodville. She also became a concubine to the powerful William, Lord Hastings, and probably helped unite the Hastings and Woodville factions against the protector, Richard of Gloucester. Shortly before he seized the throne as Richard III in June 1483, Richard had Jane arrested; later he forced her to do public penance as a harlot. Her fortunes never recovered, and she died a beggar in 1527.

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