Seti II

Seti II

▪ king of Egypt
died 1198 BCE

      king of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient) (reigned 1204–1198 BCE).

      Seti, the immediate successor of his father, Merneptah, was one of the last rulers of the 19th dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (1292–1190 BCE), which was marked by short reigns, dynastic intrigue, and usurpations. One of his most serious threats was a rebellion by a usurper, Amenmeses, who claimed the kingship and acquired recognition in Upper Egypt.

      Upon his death, Seti was succeeded by Siptah, who was installed on the throne by a Syrian royal butler, Bay, chancellor of Egypt. Siptah was succeeded by Seti II's widow, Tausert, who counted her reigning years from the year of Seti II's death (though she effectively reigned only from 1193 to 1190). Of the rulers or would-be rulers of this period, Seti II was the only one recognized by Ramses III (of the 20th dynasty (Egypt, ancient) [1190–1075 BCE]) as a legitimate king.

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