Sekigahara, Battle of

Sekigahara, Battle of

▪ Japanese history
      (Oct. 20, 1600), in Japanese history, conflict that established the hegemony of the Tokugawa family, a hegemony that lasted until 1868.

      The chief contenders for power in Japan at this time were Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari, both of whom were members of a delicately balanced oligarchy that had been established by the former national leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi to keep Japan united under his descendants. When Hideyoshi died leaving only an infant son, Toyotomi Hideyori, to succeed him, Ieyasu, as head of the regency council for Hideyori, began to assume power. Ishida, another member of the council, challenged him, and two great armies of feudal lords faced each other at Sekigahara, a strategically located narrow pass between the two plains at Lake Biwa and Nagoya. Ishida and his allies were defeated; he was executed; and most of the lords who had supported him were either banished or deprived of their domains.

      Immediately after his triumph, Ieyasu began a redistribution of fiefs to consolidate his rule, establishing the machinery for the 265-year Tokugawa shogunate, or military dictatorship, of Japan.

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