in Zoroastrian eschatology, final saviour of the world and quencher of its evil; he is the foremost of three saviours (the first two are Ōshētar and Ōshētarmāh) who are all posthumous sons of Zoroaster. One will appear at the end of each of the three last millennia of the world, miraculously conceived by a maiden who has swum in a lake where Zoroaster's seed was preserved. After 57 years Saoshyans, aided by 30 great persons of the departed who have remained linked with bodily existence, will break the demonic power and resurrect the bodies of the dead. Saoshyans and six helpers will then lead the work in the seven zones of the world, communicating with each other miraculously. When all souls have been cleansed, including those of the damned, Saoshyans will prepare for them white haoma—the ritual drink of the Zoroastrians—which will bestow eternal perfection on their bodies.

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