Samaranch, Juan António, marqués de Samaranch

Samaranch, Juan António, marqués de Samaranch

▪ Spanish businessman and public official
born July 17, 1920, Barcelona, Spain

      Spanish businessman and public official who served from 1980 to 2001 as the seventh president of the International Olympic Committee (Olympic Games) (IOC).

      Samaranch was the son of a wealthy textile manufacturer. He was educated at Barcelona's Higher Institute of Business Studies, and after the Spanish Civil War (1936–39) he joined the family business and later worked in real estate development and banking. He competed in boxing and roller hockey from an early age, helping to initiate an international roller hockey championship in Barcelona in 1951. He joined the Spanish Olympic Committee in 1954, the same year that he was elected to the Barcelona city council. In 1973 he became president of the Catalan regional council, and he served as Spain's ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1977–80. Elected to the IOC in 1966, he served as head of protocol (1968–75, 1979–80), member of the Executive Board (1970–2001), and vice president (1974–78) and was elected president in 1980. In 1992 he was made marqués de Samaranch by King Juan Carlos.

      Advancing the policies of his IOC predecessor, Lord Killanin of Ireland, Samaranch aggressively diversified the IOC's revenue sources from television contracts to brand-licensing schemes. He also welcomed professional athletes to Olympic sports such as tennis and basketball, arguing that Soviet-bloc countries had been sending professional athletes to the Olympic Games for years and that some nonprofessional athletes in the United States and elsewhere had already earned huge sums for commercial endorsements. An accomplished politician, he mended bridges between Soviet- and NATO-bloc countries following boycotts of the Moscow (1980) and Los Angeles (1984) Olympic Games, worked out a compromise that permitted both China and Taiwan to enter teams, allowed participation by a post-Soviet team in 1992, and opened the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1993.

      In the eyes of his critics, Samaranch was arrogant and autocratic. He faced perhaps his greatest challenge when, in December 1998, allegations surfaced of widespread corruption among IOC members, who had accepted bribes in the bidding process by potential host cities. Several committee members were expelled, others resigned, and there were calls for Samaranch to resign. Samaranch succeeded in passing a 50-point reform package that addressed the conduct of the bidding process and attempted to eliminate gifts to IOC members. The thorny issue of drug use by athletes, especially the regulation of performance-enhancing drugs, was also addressed. In the summer of 2001 Samaranch was replaced as IOC president by Belgian Jacques Rogge but was elected honorary president for life.

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