river dolphin

river dolphin

 any of four or five species of small, usually freshwater aquatic mammals that are related to whales (whale) (order Cetacea (cetacean)). These dolphins are found in rivers of south-central Asia, China, and South America and in the coastal waters of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. River dolphins have long beaks and rounded foreheads, distinguishing them from more familiar-looking dolphins such as the bottle-nosed dolphin of the family Delphinidae.

      Less athletic than most other dolphins, river dolphins do not make sensational leaps and dives. Instead, they spend much of their time at river bottoms, probing with sensitive snouts for mud-loving fish and crustaceans. Despite having small eyes (Ganges and Indus river dolphins' eyes even lack a lens), river dolphins navigate muddy waters with ease thanks to exquisite sonar—perhaps the best among all the cetaceans. They are often friendly and curious toward people. The largest and most cosmopolitan species is the Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis). Also called boto, bufeo, and pink dolphin, it is common in the turbid waters of the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. A male Amazon river dolphin can grow to over 2.4 metres (8 feet) and 160 kg (350 pounds); females are slightly smaller. Its colour can vary from dark gray to mottled pink-and-gray to bright pink. The young are gray. Corpulent but extremely flexible, this dolphin navigates with the grace of a flying bird among the branches of submerged trees when annual rains flood the forest. Amazon river dolphins are usually seen in groups. They often swim and play with another small dolphin, the tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis), which is found in both fresh and marine waters and is not classed with river dolphins. In some parts of the Amazon, river dolphins will herd fish into fishermen's nets; in other areas, they will raid the nets instead.

      The Bolivian river dolphin (I. boliviensis), native to a few remote streams in the Bolivian Amazon, is slightly smaller than the boto, and its skin is coloured grayish pink. The Teotônio rapids between Bolivia and Brazil separate the two species, and DNA studies suggest that neither competition nor interbreeding has occurred between the Bolivian river dolphin and the boto for many tens (or possibly hundreds) of thousands of years. Population estimates suggest that the species may contain as many as 25,000 individuals.

      The smallest river dolphin species, the La Plata river dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei), also lives in South America. Also known as the franciscana, it inhabits the coastal waters of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. Gray above and pale below, this little dolphin grows only 1.2–1.7 metres (4–5.6 feet) long and weighs 20–60 kg (45–135 pounds). Females are larger than males. The Ganges river dolphin, or susu (Platanista gangetica), inhabits the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Karnaphuli, and Meghna rivers and their tributaries in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. Adults can be nearly 3 metres (10 feet) long. This dark-coloured dolphin frequently swims on its side, trailing a flipper to probe the bottom for fish, shrimp, and mollusks. Its close relative, Platanista minor (Indus river dolphin, bulhan, and Indus susu), is sometimes classified with P. gangetica and found only in Pakistan. Both species are endangered because of heavy industrial river traffic, hunting for meat and oil, and construction of dams that restrict migration.

      The baiji, or Chinese river dolphin (Lipotes vexillifer), was native to China's Yangtze River. Pale blue-gray above and lighter below, it grew to 2.4 metres. As the waters of the Yangtze grew more crowded and polluted, the baiji became the world's most endangered cetacean. Despite reports of an encounter with this river dolphin in 2007, the last confirmed sighting occurred in 2002, and the species is now widely believed to be functionally extinct.

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