Rezanov, Nikolay Petrovich

Rezanov, Nikolay Petrovich

▪ Russian trader
born April 8 [March 28, old style], 1764, St. Petersburg, Russia
died March 13 [March 1, O.S.], 1807, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

      Russian trader, diplomat, and administrator who was a founder of the Russian-American Company, which played a major part in the history of Alaska and of the North Pacific. He wished to annex the western coast of North America to Russia and to encourage large-scale emigration of Russians into that area. After his early death, the Russian government did little to realize his plans, a failure that led indirectly to the sale of Alaska by Russia to the United States in 1867.

      Rezanov became a partner and in 1795 chief executive of the Shelekhov-Golikov Fur Company, trading in the Russian settlements on the northwestern coast of North America. By 1799 he and Grigory I. Shelekhov's heirs persuaded Emperor Paul to charter the Russian-American Company and to grant it a monopoly for 20 years on the American coast north of latitude 55° and in the Aleutian and Kuril islands. This trust was at first a source of great profit to Rezanov and the other stockholders, including members of the imperial family.

      Rezanov helped to promote the first Russian circumnavigation of the Earth (1803–06) and sailed from Kronstadt (Kronshtadt) with the expedition, commanded by Adam Johann Krusenstern, westward around Cape Horn to Kamchatka. After visiting Japan in 1804 on an unsuccessful mission as Emperor Alexander I's ambassador, he remained in the North Pacific with imperial orders to correct abuses within the company.

      After spending the winter of 1805–06 in Sitka (Novo-Arkhangelsk, or New Archangel), Alaska, centre of the company's colonial administration, he sailed for the Spanish settlements in California to trade furs for foodstuffs and to arrange a treaty for the regular provisioning of the company's colonies from New Spain. Reaching San Francisco in April 1806, he was told that Spanish colonies were forbidden by law to enter into foreign trade. Rezanov, however, gained the support of the Spanish clergy and became affianced to the San Francisco commandante's daughter, said to be the most beautiful girl in California. Rezanov returned to Sitka with a shipload of food, and with the promise of the Spanish governor, Don José Argüello, to forward a copy of the proposed treaty to Spain.

      Operating from Kamchatka, Rezanov sent ships to wrest Sakhalin Island from the Japanese. He then started overland for St. Petersburg to obtain Alexander I's signature to the treaty with Spain but died of fever and exhaustion in an obscure Siberian town. His treaty was never formalized.

      Gertrude Atherton's biography of Rezanov appeared in the 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica (see the Britannica Classic: Nikolai Petrovich de Rezánov).

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