repeating rifle

repeating rifle

also called  Repeater,  

      firearm designed for use with a magazine of cartridges, each of which is fed into the chamber or breech by lever or bolt action or other means. Before the invention of the cartridge that contained powder, ball, and primer, a repeater had to have separate magazines for powder and ball. Alternative arrangements were multiple barrels, multiple breeches, and the loading of several shots into one barrel and igniting the outermost charge, which would eject its ball and ignite the next charge, and so on. The first effective breech-loading and repeating flintlock firearms were developed in the early 1600s. One early magazine repeater has been attributed to Michele Lorenzoni, a Florentine gunmaker. In the same period, the faster and safer Kalthoff system—named for a family of German gunmakers—introduced a ball magazine located under the barrel and a powder magazine in the butt. By the 18th century the Cookson repeating rifle was in use in America, using separate tubular magazines in the stock for balls and powder and a lever-activated breech mechanism that selected and loaded a ball and a charge, also priming the flash pan and setting the gun on half-cock.

      Some historic military rifles were magazine repeaters. They include the Ferguson, Hall, Dreyse, and Sharps rifles, each contributing something to the evolution of repeaters. The perfection of the revolver by Samuel Colt broke new ground. But the development of the brass cartridge made safe and efficient breech-loading repeaters possible, and by 1900 most nations had adopted repeating rifles of one kind or another as basic infantry weapons. All were bolt-action (bolt action) rifles with magazines holding five or six cartridges.

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