Razmara, Ali

Razmara, Ali

▪ prime minister of Iran
also spelled  ʿAlī Razmārā 
born 1901, Tehrān, Iran
died March 7, 1951, Tehrān

      Iranian army officer and government official who was prime minister of Iran from 1950 to 1951.

      Razmara graduated from the French military academy at Saint-Cyr in 1925. After serving in the pacification campaigns in the Kurdistan and Laristan regions of Iran under Reza Khan (later Reza Shah Pahlavi), he became director of the Tehrān Military Cadet College in 1938. He wrote several books, including a military history of Persia. In 1944, during the Allied occupation of Iran, Reza Shah Pahlavi's son Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi promoted Razmara to general and ordered him to reorganize the nation's military forces. Two years later he was appointed chief of staff and was responsible for the entry of the central government forces into Iranian Azerbaijan to supervise the elections that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet-sponsored government there.

      In June 1950 the shah appointed Razmara prime minister. Though efficient and hardworking, he had no large personal following, and his efforts to make the rich carry more of the burden of the state earned him many powerful enemies. Despite intense pressure from populist quarters, he opposed the nationalization of Iran's oil industry on the grounds that, at the time, it would have been impossible to run the industry solely with Iranian technicians. On March 7, 1951, Razmara was assassinated outside the Solṭāneh Mosque by a member of the Fedaʾeyān-e Eslām (Persian: “Self-Sacrificers of Islam”), an extremist religious organization with close ties to the traditional merchant class and the clergy. Within a short time, Mohammad Mosaddeq (Mosaddeq, Mohammad) was elected prime minister, and he nationalized the country's oil industry.

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