Rābiḥ az-Zubayr

Rābiḥ az-Zubayr

▪ African military leader
in full  Rābiḥ Az-zubayr Ibn Faḍl Allāh,  French  Rabah 
died 1900, West Africa

      Muslim military leader who established a military hegemony in the districts immediately east of Lake Chad.

      Rābiḥ was enslaved as a child and later enrolled in the military service of az-Zubayr Pasha, a Sudanese prince. Rābiḥ was loyal and capable, and he rose to a position of command. When in 1878 az-Zubayr rebelled against the Egyptian administration of the Sudan, Rābiḥ gave him loyal support. Az-Zubayr, however, was defeated, and rather than surrender, as did most of the rebels, Rābiḥ fled to central Africa with about 400 followers.

      Rābiḥ developed a solid basis of military power. By raiding villages and tribes, his bands secured much booty. He increased his ranks by offering prisoners their lives and their freedom if they would join him. By the early 1890s he had built a force of some 5,000 men, acquired 44 pieces of light field artillery, and considered himself ready to expand his operations. In 1893 Rābiḥ occupied the district of Bornu, east of Lake Chad, with little difficulty. When resistance was offered at Kuka, the capital, he sacked it and thoroughly cowed the population. At Dikwa, south of Lake Chad, he established his capital and initiated a highly centralized administration. Rābiḥ launched several expeditions against the Fulani empire.

      Rābiḥ was unable to pursue his ambitions further because France sought to establish a sphere of influence over the whole West African interior. In 1898 a French column moved northward from the Congo. Rābiḥ ceased his operations against the Fulanis and moved southward to face the new threat. In 1900 his forces met the French at Kousseri (Fort-Foureau) on the Logone River, where his army was routed and he himself was killed.

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