any snail of the subclass Prosobranchia, class Gastropoda. Most of these roughly 20,000 snail species are marine; a few live on land or in fresh water. Many prosobranchs breathe by means of gills, which are located in the mantle cavity in front of the heart; some have a special respiratory structure on the mantle or, in land species, a simple pulmonary cavity. The auricle of the heart is in front of the ventricle. Larval torsion, a trait peculiar to gastropods that results in a 180-degree twisting of the body, produces a figure-eight arrangement of the viscera and nerve cord that persists throughout life. Most species have a proteinaceous or calcareous lid (operculum) on the foot that seals the aperture of the shell when the animal retracts. The sexes are separate.

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