Printz, Johan Björnsson

Printz, Johan Björnsson

▪ Swedish military officer
born July 20, 1592, Bottnaryd, Swed.
died May 3, 1663, Gunillaberg Manor, Swed.

      Swedish military officer and colonial governor of New Sweden on the Delaware River.

      Printz, the son of a Lutheran pastor, received his early education in Sweden before he departed in 1618 for theological studies at German universities. He was pressed into military service in Germany in about 1620, and during the Thirty Years' War, he became a mercenary for Archduke Leopold of Austria, Duke Christian of Brunswick, and King Christian IV of Denmark. Printz entered the Swedish army in 1625; 13 years later he had risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel. In 1639 he surrendered Chemnitz to a Saxon army but was exonerated of any wrongdoing by a military court-martial in Sweden.

      In April 1642 Printz was appointed director (governor) of the colony of New Sweden, and the following February he arrived with two ships at Ft. Christina, the site of present Wilmington, Del. Shortly after his arrival, he ordered the construction of Ft. Elfsborg at Varkens Kill, and he built his own large residence at New Gothenborg (Tinicum Island). Printz, who was an energetic and conscientious governor, established harmony with the local Indians, arranged amicable relations with English North American settlers, initiated trade connections with the Dutch in New Netherlands, and constructed or directed several commercial enterprises within New Sweden.

      He also was an autocratic administrator, and his growing quarrels with the settlers led several of them to petition to take their grievances directly to the Swedish government. Printz had the ringleader of the dissident colonists executed, but tensions continued to grow. In September 1653 the governor relinquished his rule to his deputy and son-in-law, John Papegoja, and returned to Sweden. He spent his last years there as governor of his home district.

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