New Sweden

New Sweden
a colony established by Swedish settlers in 1638 along the Delaware River and captured by the Dutch in 1655: the only Swedish colony in America.

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Only Swedish colony in North America, on the Delaware River, extending from the site of present-day Trenton, N.J., U.S., to the mouth of the river.

It was established by the New Sweden Co. led by Peter Minuit in 1638, when Fort Christina was built at what is now Wilmington, Del. It was captured by the Dutch in 1655 under Peter Stuyvesant. The Swedish colonists were allowed to keep their lands and continue their customs under Dutch rule.

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▪ Swedish colony, North America
      only Swedish colony in America, established by the New Sweden Company in March 1638 and captured by the Dutch in 1655. The first expedition, including both Swedes and Dutchmen, was commanded by Peter Minuit (Minuit, Peter), who purchased land from the Indians and named the settlement Fort Christina (later Wilmington, Del.) in honour of Sweden's queen. Johan Printz (Printz, Johan Björnsson), who became governor in 1643, established additional settlements during his 10-year rule and attempted to deal with the Dutch, who considered the Swedes competitors and interlopers. He was succeeded in 1654 by Johan Claesson Rising, who arrived with more colonists and forced the Dutch to surrender Fort Casimir. The next year a Dutch force under Peter Stuyvesant (Stuyvesant, Peter) laid siege to Fort Christina and compelled New Sweden's surrender. The Swedish colonists were allowed, however, to keep their lands and possessions and continue their customs.

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