Prim, Juan

Prim, Juan

▪ Spanish statesman
in full  Juan Prim Y Prats  
born Dec. 6, 1814, Reus, Spain
died Dec. 30, 1870, Madrid

      Spanish military leader and political figure who played an important role in the Revolution of 1868 that resulted in the dethronement of Isabella II, the Bourbon Spanish queen.

      Prim rose to military fame in the struggle to win the throne for Isabella II against her uncle, Don Carlos (First Carlist War, 1833–39). After victory, however, Prim opposed the government of the young queen's regent Baldomero Espartero (Espartero, Baldomero, príncipe de Vergara). Professing liberal principles, Prim was elected in 1843 to the Cortes (parliament) and shortly afterward took part in a successful insurrection against Espartero; he was then named military governor of Madrid and later of Barcelona. Prim soon conspired against the government of Ramón María Narváez (Narváez, Ramón María, duque de Valencia), leader of the Moderate Party. Captured and condemned, he was later pardoned.

      After serving as governor of Puerto Rico (from 1847), Prim was given command of the Spanish commission attached to the Turkish army fighting the Russians in the Crimea (1853). In 1857 he was the only member of the Progressive Party elected to the Cortes. Prim distinguished himself in the war between Spain and Morocco (1859–60) and in 1861 was appointed to command the joint English, French, and Spanish expedition to Mexico.

      Upon his return to Spain, Prim resumed his political career and, as one of the leaders of the Progressive Party, opposed Isabella II. Driven into exile by an abortive attempt at rebellion in 1866, he reentered the country in triumph in the 1868 revolution that deposed the queen. Prim thereupon became the most powerful figure in the new government and proceeded to search for a suitable monarch for the nation. The consideration, supported by Prim, of Prussia's candidate, Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, served as the casus belli of the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71). When Leopold stepped down, Prim obtained the election of Amadeus of Savoy. On Dec. 27, 1870, just prior to Amadeus' arrival in Spain, Prim was fatally wounded by assassins, and he died three days later. His death deprived Amadeus of a staunch supporter, contributing to the instability of a reign that ended two years later.

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