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      (Korean: “Universal Religion”), indigenous Korean religion, also popularly called Humch'igyo from the distinctive practice of chanting humch'i, a word said to have mystical significance.

      Poch'ŏngyo was founded by Kang Il-sun (1871–1909), who initially gained a following by offering to cure illnesses through incantations and by medicine. The Japanese rulers of Korea, fearful that Poch'ŏngyo was an underground political movement, so restricted Kang's activities that only a weak organization was established before his death. Leadership of the religion was subsequently assumed by Cha' Kyŏng-sŏk, an early associate of Kang. During the March 1 independence movement of 1919, Cha' and 30,000 of the religion's adherents were imprisoned by the Japanese. Cha' escaped two years later and established Pohwagyo (“Religion of Universal Enlightenment”), which was registered with the government the following year as Poch'ŏngyo.

      The religion's belief centres on Okhwangsangje, or “Great Lord of Okhwang (Heaven).” Poch'ŏngyo professes the four principles of one mind, coexistence, forgiveness, and conquest of disease. By practicing one mind, adherents are led to God through the unity of mind and body and thus conquer disease. By dissolving divine and human anger, coexistence and forgiveness prevail. Confucianism later influenced Cha's espousal of benevolence and righteousness and his four principles: respect for heaven, bright virtue, proper conduct, and love of mankind.

      The religion's incantations are said to induce trembling and to produce a trancelike sense of selflessness. More recently, meditation on the Tao (dao) (“Way”) has been emphasized as the path to self-enlightenment and as an effective means of inducing a state of selfless trance, which is the highest of all goals. To this end, group sessions are held once a year. Adherents pay reverence to a tablet of Okhwang every morning and evening by offering fresh water, burning incense, lighting a candle, and bowing four times. Temple services have more elaborate rituals.

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