Pleven, Siege of

Pleven, Siege of

▪ Russo-Turkish War
also called  Siege Of Plevna 

      (July 20–Dec. 10, 1877), in the Russo-Turkish War (Russo-Turkish wars) of 1877–78, the Russian siege of the Turkish-held Bulgarian town of Pleven (Russian: Plevna). Four battles were fought, three being repulses of Russian attacks and the fourth being a defeat of the Turks in their attempt to escape.

      In the opening weeks of the war of 1877–78 the Russians achieved some successes. On the Bulgarian front they crossed the Danube in June 1877, and a flying column seized the Shipka Pass through the Balkan Mountains on July 19. At this point the Russian plans received a setback. On July 20 a Turkish force under Osman Nuri Paşa repulsed the Russians at newly fortified Pleven and stemmed their advance (First Battle of Pleven). Attempts to break the resistance of Osman Nuri Paşa failed. The Russian assaults of July 30 (Second Battle) and September 11–12 (Third Battle) were repulsed with severe losses. The Russian commander then called up Colonel Count E.I. von Todleben, the engineer officer who had organized the defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War, and Todleben pronounced in favour of a siege of Pleven. The other Turkish commanders did little to relieve the pressure on Osman Nuri Paşa, who at last perceived that his position was hopeless and attempted to break through the Russian cordon but was defeated and compelled to surrender (Dec. 10, 1877).

      The Russians then tried to execute their original plan of penetration deep into European Turkey, but the Great Powers, especially Britain, forced a truce and the signing of the Treaty of San Stefano.

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