Pembroke, Richard FitzGilbert, 2nd Earl of

Pembroke, Richard FitzGilbert, 2nd Earl of

▪ Anglo-Norman lord
byname  Richard Strongbow,  also called  Richard De Clare 
born c. 1130
died April 20, 1176, Dublin, Ire.

      Anglo-Norman lord whose invasion of Ireland in 1170 initiated the opening phase of the English conquest.

      The son of Gilbert FitzGilbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, he succeeded to his father's estates in southern Wales in 1148/49. Pembroke had evidently lost these lands by 1168; it was probably in that year that he agreed to aid Dermot MacMurrough, king of Leinster, who had been expelled from his kingdom by Roderic (Rory O'Connor), high king of Ireland. King Henry II of England (reigned 1154–89) granted Pembroke permission to invade Ireland, and on Aug. 23, 1170, the earl landed near Waterford. Waterford and Dublin quickly fell to the Normans. After the death of MacMurrough in May 1171, Pembroke was besieged in Dublin by Roderic, but in September his forces broke out and routed Roderic's army. In order to prevent Pembroke from setting himself up as an independent ruler, Henry II had him acknowledge royal authority over his conquests in Leinster. Pembroke helped the king suppress a rebellion in Normandy in 1173–74, and in return Henry granted him custody of Wexford, Waterford, and Dublin. By the time Pembroke died, all Ireland had been committed to his care, but within Ireland his supremacy was recognized only in Leinster.

      His son Gilbert de Striguil (or Strigoil) died unmarried, certainly before 1189, and as a minor was never styled earl. The earldom passed with Richard's daughter Isabel (d. 1220) to her husband William Marshal, the 1st Earl of Pembroke in the Marshal line.

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