Parthian language

Parthian language

      Middle Iranian language that originated in the ancient province of Parthia (the northeastern portion of modern Iran) and became the official language of the Arsacid period of Persian dynastic history (2nd century BC–3rd century AD). Among the earliest records of the language are more than 2,000 ostraca (inscribed pottery fragments), largely records of wine deliveries dating from the 1st century BC, which were discovered in excavations (1949–58) at Nisa, an Arsacid capital near modern Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. Parthian is also attested by inscriptions of the first Sāsānian kings (224–303), which were accompanied by a Middle Persian version. Manichaean Parthian literature is a very rich source for the language and includes the outstanding hymn cycles of the poet Mar Ammo (second half of the 3rd century). The Parthian script was derived from the Aramaic alphabet.

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